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Flocking myself October 28, 2005

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It was an article on the daily The Hindu that brought my attention to the term Flock. At first I ignored it. But later when I recalled that article, I felt curious about the term ‘Flock’. It sounded delicious 😉 I thought I would give it a try.

This is really interesting. The whole stuff. The light colours, really big typefaces, I am talking about wordpress. I love this.

Also, testing Flock. I liked the basic stuff. But the difficulties in building up Flock, adding plugins, themes etc. seems a bit difficult.  I now run on a full fledged Firefox 1.0.6 from moox with about ten extensions and few themes. The difficulties in switching must be overcome. Opera 8 is also on test. But it seems to be filled with ‘unnecessary’ features.

So this marks my entry into ‘pro’ blogging. I am still a noob with NO knowledge about the details. But I am here to fight, and stay. Thanx to all the guys here with wordpress and the guys behind Flock. Lets buld it up.

We need a mascot, some brand identity for Flock. Hope somebody already started working on it. The ‘droplets’ logo is great, but I think we should have a representative like penguin for linux or the firefox for firefox. Lets Flock ourselves [Idea stolen from Go Flock Yourself]