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Links Roundup April 3, 2006

Posted by :( in Design, Ideas, Tools, Typography.

Ok guys, after a long time comes this post. I’ve been a kinda lazy, and was into a more interesting thing called orkut. After a long time, I cud see my collegemates active in a web 2.0 thing[Of course gmail was already there with them]. It has been about a year since I joined orkut, and was not much active there. Now suddenly my friends began to flock together there at orkut and I too joined them in the fray. It was fun, and was a major discussion topic even in college where such net/geeky things were taboo.

So what should this post be about? I haven’t decided yet. I have given the heading ‘Links Roundup’ already. I have a collection right now at hand.

Like the way I stayed away from this blog, I was off from my regular places (like del.icio.us, popurls, digg etc and blogs) also. The only thing that was regular was deviantart.com which has become nothing less than a passion these days. Thehot news is that deviantart is going to be bought by myspace.com.

Ok, here I give you the links. Most of them are old 😀 pardon me, but they are eally interesting. Here we go.

Design Resource Collection
The first thing is a wonderful website created by Gustavo Machado. Designeducation.ca features about seven main categories like general, illustration, advertising/design, photography, typography etc with several subcategories in each section. Each section is rich with one of the web’s most comprehensive collection of resources and is growing everyday. And you can be a part of it by contributing/submitting a site that you have noticed good in resources. Apart from links, there is a big collection of ebooks relating to various subjects like branding/corporate identity, user-centered design etc. It also features other topics like Industrial design, Fashion design etc.

So go there and have a look around.

SEO Tools Collection
Meanwhile here we have a great collection of SEO tools at seocompany.ca. They have been ranked accordingly and a total of 151 tools have been featured. You can submit your tool (it will feature in their list if your tool is approved by the team) against a refundable review fee of $5.

Free Fonts
Vitaly Friedman has written about 25 best free quality fonts in this post. I have noticed this post long ago and wanted to write about it but couldnt do it till now. His post has been helpful to me, and now I think I have done paid back the debt (but only in parts :D) to him by telling everyone about his beautiful collection. Its just awesome, just go there and choose your pick.

With this we have come to the end of a boring lecture [yaaaawwwnn….] ha!
Meanwhile, I am testing a new product called swicki. Will tell you the results in the next post.

Edit(4th July): The site designeducation.ca is up again.



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