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netvibes ginger edition is out January 25, 2008

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One of the most popular ‘start pages’, netvibes released the beta version their latest offering called the netvibes ginger edition. Right now I am testing it, the details/review will be coming soon. Meanwhile you can request for the beta version access by entering your netvibes account details – if you already have one – in the ginger page.

The major change is its introduction of a public page for you, marking its entry into the the social networking platform.

For years, netvibes have been my start page whenever I used to have one. I have been involved with their translation to local languages also. Personally I feel its the best web 2.0 start page available on the net.

Update: TechCrunch is offering 500 free invitations for its readers. Go there to grab it.


The real writer’s secret January 24, 2008

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“There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.What’s keeping us from sitting down is Resistance.”

Stephen Pressfield in his book The War of Art

Active blogging January 2, 2008

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I am surprised to see the increasing number of bloggers  around me. Last Sunday, I have been to Chennai and I found that one of close friend is an avid blogger and has inspired two of his other friends also to start blogging. Today morning, one of my colleague was telling about his sinus surgery he underwent recently. Later, to my surprise I received his blog URL where the last post was a detailed description of his hospital experiences.

It must be more than two years since I had my first blog. I had a habit of creating blogs and then discarding them, mostly due to my laziness to put something interesting in there. I still havent figured out the purpose of this blog well. Hope within few days that will be done and I think its high time I wrote something regularly in here.