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How to be a graphic designer October 8, 2011

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1. Draw (pencil and paper works the best)

2. Get inspired (Internet is all yours, honey)

3. Observe (You dont have to pay them)

4. Listen (Ever heard of patience?)

5. Empathise (Because, ultimately they are the ones who are gonna buy your stuff)

6. Read and sense the pulse (Because others are ahead of you and its better to learn from their mistakes than to make all on your own and then learn from them)

7. Learn the tools – if u ask me one tool – then its Adobe (r) Illustrator

8. Practice

9. Practice

10. Practice (Shut up and do it)

11. Find work (Search the net – theres too much of info – that you have to learn to sort it first)

12. Do it. ON TIME. (Because your clients dint hire you for your ‘pleasure of creativity’ )

13. Stay humble 🙂