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Nokia N9 is here July 29, 2011

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Nokia announced their new smartphone, the N9, touted be the next iPhone killer*.  I found from their site that it is effectively N9-00 which means we could expect more on the same platform. The current device appears to be promising, with oodles of awesomeness in every aspect. Well, for me its exciting since they are breaking in the Meego platform for the first time for public consumption (There had been news/rumours about N950 but I guess it never got released so far and N900 ran on Maemo, predecessor of Meego.). Nokia’s custom layer above Meego 1.2 is codenamed Harmattan. The good news, therefore, is that Qt is gonna be in spotlight for a while more. 🙂

News here.

*well… i kinda doesn’t like fruit companies much 😛


Love Letters, 300 of them February 9, 2006

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Have you ever loved someone? So many have sang about the greatness of this mysterious feeling. Here I stumbled upon a site featuring love letters, actual ones, classified into different categories and arranged chronologically.

Asia shows us her feelings open through about 300 love letters she had written in this post. Each one is an image, mostly written on some notebook page. They often inspire and bring back some of our memories. The letters are beautiful.
Well, what about you? Have you ever written one to your love? Or to anyone expressing what you felt about them? Maybe its too late you did so. Go ahead, write something and send it. These days you lose your friends only because they dont have an email ID/web contact. But nothing equals a downpour of your emotions into a piece of paper.

It had been a long time I posted something here. Well, its festival season in college and so much of designing work around and a bit busy. Also, I still haven’t answered the basic questions about the existence, possibilities and purpose of this blog to myself.