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Nokia N9 is here July 29, 2011

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Nokia announced their new smartphone, the N9, touted be the next iPhone killer*.  I found from their site that it is effectively N9-00 which means we could expect more on the same platform. The current device appears to be promising, with oodles of awesomeness in every aspect. Well, for me its exciting since they are breaking in the Meego platform for the first time for public consumption (There had been news/rumours about N950 but I guess it never got released so far and N900 ran on Maemo, predecessor of Meego.). Nokia’s custom layer above Meego 1.2 is codenamed Harmattan. The good news, therefore, is that Qt is gonna be in spotlight for a while more. 🙂

News here.

*well… i kinda doesn’t like fruit companies much 😛


netvibes ginger edition is out January 25, 2008

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One of the most popular ‘start pages’, netvibes released the beta version their latest offering called the netvibes ginger edition. Right now I am testing it, the details/review will be coming soon. Meanwhile you can request for the beta version access by entering your netvibes account details – if you already have one – in the ginger page.

The major change is its introduction of a public page for you, marking its entry into the the social networking platform.

For years, netvibes have been my start page whenever I used to have one. I have been involved with their translation to local languages also. Personally I feel its the best web 2.0 start page available on the net.

Update: TechCrunch is offering 500 free invitations for its readers. Go there to grab it.

Links Roundup April 3, 2006

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Ok guys, after a long time comes this post. I’ve been a kinda lazy, and was into a more interesting thing called orkut. After a long time, I cud see my collegemates active in a web 2.0 thing[Of course gmail was already there with them]. It has been about a year since I joined orkut, and was not much active there. Now suddenly my friends began to flock together there at orkut and I too joined them in the fray. It was fun, and was a major discussion topic even in college where such net/geeky things were taboo.

So what should this post be about? I haven’t decided yet. I have given the heading ‘Links Roundup’ already. I have a collection right now at hand.

Like the way I stayed away from this blog, I was off from my regular places (like del.icio.us, popurls, digg etc and blogs) also. The only thing that was regular was deviantart.com which has become nothing less than a passion these days. Thehot news is that deviantart is going to be bought by myspace.com.

Ok, here I give you the links. Most of them are old 😀 pardon me, but they are eally interesting. Here we go.

Design Resource Collection
The first thing is a wonderful website created by Gustavo Machado. Designeducation.ca features about seven main categories like general, illustration, advertising/design, photography, typography etc with several subcategories in each section. Each section is rich with one of the web’s most comprehensive collection of resources and is growing everyday. And you can be a part of it by contributing/submitting a site that you have noticed good in resources. Apart from links, there is a big collection of ebooks relating to various subjects like branding/corporate identity, user-centered design etc. It also features other topics like Industrial design, Fashion design etc.

So go there and have a look around.

SEO Tools Collection
Meanwhile here we have a great collection of SEO tools at seocompany.ca. They have been ranked accordingly and a total of 151 tools have been featured. You can submit your tool (it will feature in their list if your tool is approved by the team) against a refundable review fee of $5.

Free Fonts
Vitaly Friedman has written about 25 best free quality fonts in this post. I have noticed this post long ago and wanted to write about it but couldnt do it till now. His post has been helpful to me, and now I think I have done paid back the debt (but only in parts :D) to him by telling everyone about his beautiful collection. Its just awesome, just go there and choose your pick.

With this we have come to the end of a boring lecture [yaaaawwwnn….] ha!
Meanwhile, I am testing a new product called swicki. Will tell you the results in the next post.

Edit(4th July): The site designeducation.ca is up again.

Corel Introduces CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 January 18, 2006

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Corel today unveiled the latest version of Its award winning graphics suite CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X3.

Read more about its features here.