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How to be a graphic designer October 8, 2011

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1. Draw (pencil and paper works the best)

2. Get inspired (Internet is all yours, honey)

3. Observe (You dont have to pay them)

4. Listen (Ever heard of patience?)

5. Empathise (Because, ultimately they are the ones who are gonna buy your stuff)

6. Read and sense the pulse (Because others are ahead of you and its better to learn from their mistakes than to make all on your own and then learn from them)

7. Learn the tools – if u ask me one tool – then its Adobe (r) Illustrator

8. Practice

9. Practice

10. Practice (Shut up and do it)

11. Find work (Search the net – theres too much of info – that you have to learn to sort it first)

12. Do it. ON TIME. (Because your clients dint hire you for your ‘pleasure of creativity’ )

13. Stay humble 🙂


Windows 7 February 27, 2010

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Hi all

I had been busy few days with Windows 7. Awesome! In one word, that’s all i can say about it. Had been a devotee of Windows XP, recently only i made the decision to switch to Windows 7. Handles all tasks pretty effectively. Even this post is being written from a Microsoft tool (Windows Live writer).

I think recently i got converted as a Microsoft loyalist. After the Google privacy issues and all, i had been thinking none of these companies will be handling our data safely and i hope little bit of competition is always necessary. lets wait and watch, what else can we do?

Active blogging January 2, 2008

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I am surprised to see the increasing number of bloggers  around me. Last Sunday, I have been to Chennai and I found that one of close friend is an avid blogger and has inspired two of his other friends also to start blogging. Today morning, one of my colleague was telling about his sinus surgery he underwent recently. Later, to my surprise I received his blog URL where the last post was a detailed description of his hospital experiences.

It must be more than two years since I had my first blog. I had a habit of creating blogs and then discarding them, mostly due to my laziness to put something interesting in there. I still havent figured out the purpose of this blog well. Hope within few days that will be done and I think its high time I wrote something regularly in here.

Flocking myself October 28, 2005

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It was an article on the daily The Hindu that brought my attention to the term Flock. At first I ignored it. But later when I recalled that article, I felt curious about the term ‘Flock’. It sounded delicious 😉 I thought I would give it a try.

This is really interesting. The whole stuff. The light colours, really big typefaces, I am talking about wordpress. I love this.

Also, testing Flock. I liked the basic stuff. But the difficulties in building up Flock, adding plugins, themes etc. seems a bit difficult.  I now run on a full fledged Firefox 1.0.6 from moox with about ten extensions and few themes. The difficulties in switching must be overcome. Opera 8 is also on test. But it seems to be filled with ‘unnecessary’ features.

So this marks my entry into ‘pro’ blogging. I am still a noob with NO knowledge about the details. But I am here to fight, and stay. Thanx to all the guys here with wordpress and the guys behind Flock. Lets buld it up.

We need a mascot, some brand identity for Flock. Hope somebody already started working on it. The ‘droplets’ logo is great, but I think we should have a representative like penguin for linux or the firefox for firefox. Lets Flock ourselves [Idea stolen from Go Flock Yourself]